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Discover our online cyber security, data science and data analytics programs.

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Available data science jobs in Canada
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Available data analytics jobs in Canada
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Personalized, accelerated, and outcomes-driven education that meets you where you're at.

A Program Designed For Your Goals

Hands-on proactive support that sets you up for success.


Mentorship is the backbone of Lighthouse Labs' programs. Whether you're stuck on a tricky assignment or need emotional support, you can count on Lighthouse Labs outstanding mentors to be there for you at the click of a button. As working industry professionals, our mentors are also key in building industry connections to support your future career success.

Student Success Coordinators

Our Student Success Coordinators support you from the day you apply to the day you graduate. At Lighthouse Labs, we pride ourselves on our hands-on, proactive education approach, so you can expect daily and weekly check-ins from Student Success Coordinators to track your progress and support your student experience.

Career Services Advisors

From developing personalized career plans tailored to your goals to sharpening your interviewing skills and helping you navigate complex job markets, Lighthouse Labs' expert team is at your disposal. Even as you pursue new opportunities throughout your career, you can always rely on Lighthouse Labs for professional advice, support, and resources.

Lighthouse Labs was created by a team of entrepreneurs with a passion for technology, mentorship, and education.

Their mission is to efficiently prepare the workforce with skills to succeed in roles that leverage data and technology.

The Partnership

NorQuest College, in partnership with Lighthouse Labs, offers you an immersive, cutting-edge educational experience and industry-driven curriculum. Lighthouse Labs’ innovative education philosophy and career services, combined with NorQuest College’s focus on providing students with the skills Alberta needs, deliver to you a state-of-the-art training journey.

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Still use skills they learned at Lighthouse Labs to this day.

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